Who We Are

We want to create equality of opportunity in the construction sector, regardless of gender, age, education, race or ability.



Here at Building Futures we believe every individual in society deserves a fair shot at their chosen career path without facing stigma or stereotype. We have made it our mission to promote equality and greater diversity within the construction sector.  We are not driven by profit but by the prospect of bettering the local community. We are distinctive within the construction industry as we are a business that has social and charitable aims.

Setting Standards, Not Just Following Them.

We are the leading organisation in Scotland that is preparing women for economically prosperous careers in an industry where women have historically been under-represented. These careers lead to financial freedom, personal confidence and growth that are transformational for women, their families and their communities. We want to use our resources to help people thrive.

Our workshops and Skills Programme give women who wish to learn practical skills the chance to meet like-minded individuals and encourage participation in so called “non-traditional” activities

Our Social Impact

Over the past year, we have created more than 20 training and workplace opportunities for socially excluded individuals; we want to increase this to at least 100 by the end of next year.

Buying our services means you not only invest in your own property – you invest in someone else’s future.

Committed to Community

We are not just different from our competitors; we make a difference. That’s because Building Futures operates as a social enterprise. This means that all our profits (yes, 100%) are re-invested back into the communities we serve and in particular our Female Skills for Life programme.  The money we make provides free training and paid work placements for women from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them gain skills and obtain a wide range of employment within the construction industry. Building Futures gives women the chance to use both their hands and their minds in a dynamic team environment where the work is always varied.

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